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■Introduction of the Laboratory
 Professor Nagatsu's Lab performs research in the field of plasma science, and has recently been focusing on industry - university collaboration. The COE program Creation Based on Nanovision Science in the 21st century has been running since 2004 in the study of carbon nano-tubes as electron source using plasma. Moreover, a Regional Consortium was born under the patronage of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, in order to develop a device for sterilizing medical equipment.
Recent activities are listed in News (in Japanese) section.


Development of Microwave Plasma Devices for Plasma Technology
Development of Nano-Size Electron Source using Fine Plasma Nano - Technology
Development of Low Temperature Sterilization Technology for Medical Application using Microwave Plasma
Development of Surface Treatment Technologies using Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
Synthesis of Nano-Crystalline Thin Films Using CVD Plasma
Development of New Materials by Plasma Modification of Biopolymers
Development of Nano ・Magnetic Materials by Laser Ablation

■Main Experimental Devices

The main experimental devices used in our lab include YAG laser, electron beam evaporation system, deposition equipment for CNT synthesis, different plasma generators, RF sputtering equipment, atmospheric pressure plasma device, various instruments and sterilization equipment.

Microwave Plasma Equipment for Sterilization Experiments
(General Research Building 6th floor)

40 cm Diameter Microwave Plasma Device
(General Research Building 6th floor)

60 cm Diameter Microwave Plasma Device
(Electrical and Electronic Engineering building room 117)

Prototype of Microwave Plasma Sterilization Device
(Electrical and Electronic Engineering building room 117)

915 MHz Microwave Plasma Device
(Electrical and Electronic Engineering building room 117)

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